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22 March 2008  I've put up a new link to my music videos

24 August 2007  Shame on me for taking so long to up-date my website.
The complete works of Memoirs of Jack O'Neill are in the fanfiction section. Both series are listed.
Plus a couple more small stories.
Please feel free to rummage through my site, more icons, many of different fandoms
Lord of the Rings and Lost, plus some of my own photography made into icons in the fun section.

2 November 2006  The first few chapters of Memoirs of Major General Jack O'Neill (re-activated)
are in the fanfiction/series section. This is the second and final of the Memoirs series.
Two of the five parts are there with illustrations.

  Please do check out my icons too.

26 August 2006  I've just up-dated my icons,
you'll find some new Stargate ones and a whole new page for The Pretender.

27 July 2006  Hello to everyone. Thank you for coming to my website
I have updated some icons and my cap resources page.
Thank you to the kind people who spend literally hours capping movies
and different episodes. You are all awesome.

18 March 2006  Hi there, I've done a little up-dating and housekeeping
You'll find new icons, mainly in the Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis sections
Sorry, I haven't up-dated my resources yet, but will get around to it soon.
I have removed the spoiler page for Lost season one, Atlantis season two and SG-1 season nine.
Any icons for following seasons will be put in the spoiler pages.

16 October 2005  A couple of years ago, I wrote a fic for the fanzine Revelation II.
If you go to the fanfiction/stories section you will find The Trap. It is right down the bottom of the page. Happy reading.

19 August 2005  I now have a spoiler page. This is a page that will have any spoilers from the programmes,
Stargate SG-1 Season Nine, Stargate Atlantis Season Two and any obvious spoilers from the first season of Lost.
It is quite safe to go to this page to choose which programme you wish to view.

22 July 2005   I have a new guestbook. The last one lost all of the nice comments people entered.
And I have my suspicions that is wasn't working either. So please try out my new one. :)

20 July 2005   As you can see I have moved. Please do check out added icons and the illustrations pages in fanart.

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